Tiki Cocktail Box

Tiki Cocktail Box

When tiki burst onto the American cultural landscape in the middle of the twentieth century, the drink that became most closely associated with it was rum, and heavily garnished rum cocktails drank out of elaborate mugs, at that. Tiki’s popularity grew as elements of Polynesian culture were appropriated by themed restaurants catering to the booming American middle classes of the 1950s, helped on by the stories brought home by soldiers from the Pacific theatre of WW2 and the romanticism of Hawaii as an exotic “domestic” destination when Hawaii gained statehood in 1959. Whilst the themed restaurants have faded away, tiki cocktails and their amazing mugs have persisted, with the Mai Tai being the quintessential example. At their peak, tiki themed restaurants served their house cocktail in a ceramic tiki mug (based upon Polynesian carvings, or tikis), and customers took the mug home with them as a keepsake – originals are now highly sought after and collectable.

In the spirit of the tiki bars of old, Tiki Cocktail Box is the brainchild of two rum and tiki enthusiasts who met at a UK rum festival. It’s a tiki twist on the cocktail subscription model, whereby once every couple of months they send out boxes each containing a bottle of rum, a custom collectable tiki mug, a cocktail booklet and a whole raft of cocktail ingredients to their members. Whether rum drinker or ceramic collector, these parcels are fantastic and allow recipients to discover new rums and cocktails in true South Seas style.

This summer, we’re excited to be the featured rum in Tiki Cocktail Box’s tenth box. As well as a bottle of Rathlee’s Rum, subscribers and customers will also receive a limited edition mug designed by the fantastic Baï Tiki inspired by ancient Colombian carvings and the toucan and serpent in our logo, and the ingredients and recipe for a tiki cocktail from one of the UK’s finest tiki bartenders.

To celebrate, we’re running an Instagram competition with @tikicocktailbox to win one of our boxes – simply follow both of our accounts, and tag a friend in the comments on our competition post to be in with a chance. We’ll be selecting a winner at random at midday on Saturday 18th August.

And, just in case you’re not lucky, you can always subscribe to Tiki Cocktail Box to ensure that you’ll spend the rest of the summer sipping Mai Tais out of the most stylish tiki mug this side of the 1950s.