Rathlee’s Baï Tiki Mugs Available to Buy!

Rathlee’s Baï Tiki Mugs Available to Buy!

This summer we had the great pleasure of working with renowned Tiki mug artist Baï Tiki to create a limited edition mug designed exclusively for Rathlee Distilling. Some of these mugs were included in the August edition of the Tiki Cocktail Box (a rum cocktail subscription service), and we’re now offering these highly collectable ceramic drinking vessels for sale.

Baï Tiki is the working name of French ceramicist and illustrator Raissa Meillon; one of the foremost Tiki mug makers in the world who creates these Polynesian inspired vessels from her kitchen table in Paris.

Baï has a background as an illustrator; having studied graphic design she worked for several large toy companies such as Fisher Price and Playskool for over a decade before taking a job at Libération, one of France’s major daily newspapers. During this time she developed an interest in sculpture and started collecting vintage ceramic vases and ashtrays from Parisian flea markets. In 2005 she discovered the world of Tiki culture – a world that she’d previously been relatively oblivious of and which wasn’t a scene in France at the time. All of a sudden, she had a movement that encompassed her aesthetic style and vintage, kitsch and mid-century Americana taste – something that she had struggled to put a finger on and label before. In 2008 during a trip to the USA she met Squid, who is one of the world’s leading Tiki mug artists, and this sent Raissa headlong into the world of Tiki culture; she made her first mug whilst in America and, buoyed by the encouragement and support that she received, returned to France and quit her job. Setting herself up as Baï Tiki, Raissa purchased a kiln and got to work learning her craft. Every mug that she makes starts out as a prototype created on her kitchen table, from which she then creates a mould – a process that takes around 40 hours of work. Each individual mug is then made by pouring liquid clay into the mould and firing it in the kiln. It is then glazed and baked a second time; in total each one spends two nights in the kiln being baked at temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius.

Baï Tiki is now one of the world’s leading Tiki mug artists; she still works from her kitchen table in her home in Paris, from where she produces limited edition and highly collectable runs of mugs for bars, restaurants and rum brands around Europe and the rest of the world. For our Rathlee Distilling Co. mug, Raissa drew inspiration from our logo – a toucan and a snake representing the pot still of our craft, and Colombia and Cornwall – and has designed a Colombian-influenced stone carving of a bird with a snake in its beak, with Rathlee emblazoned across the back and signed by Baï on the bottom. It’s a beautiful mug, perfect for pouring an exotic rum cocktail into and sipping a sundowner from.

Our Rathlee Distilling Co Tiki mugs cost £20 each, plus postage and packaging.

To get your hands on one, simply e-mail us at info@rathleedistilling.com and we’ll arrange payment before packaging one up and popping it in the post.

Note: These mugs are handmade so the colour and glaze finish may vary slightly.