Our Rum Scoops Silver

Our Rum Scoops Silver

The Spirits Business’s Rum and Cachaça Masters 2018 recently took place in London, bringing together a selection of drinks experts at The Rum Kitchen in Notting Hill to assess the state of the sector.  The consensus was that rum is in rude health, and we were delighted to be awarded a silver medal for our Golden Barrel Aged Rum against some very strong competition.

The event saw three panels of tasters judging products across various sub-categories through a series of blind-tastings.  Judges ranged from specialist bar owners and managers to drinks industry journalists and bloggers.  Our three-year Golden Barrel Aged Rum was judged in the “Gold Rum – Aged up to 7 Years” category, with medals being awarded based upon a total percentage score averaged across the four judges.  Other categories included Cachaça (cane spirit); white, gold and dark rums sub-divided into standard, premium or super-premium categories according to price-point or categorised according to the duration of barrel ageing; overproof rums; Rhum Agricole (made from sugarcane juice rather than molasses); spiced rums; flavoured or infused rums, and finally liqueurs.  The number of medals awarded over such a broad range of styles is indicative of the increasing quality within the rum sector, and we are excited to be a part of this new dawn for rum.

“Judges noted the excellence among gold, agricole and spiced entries, and highlighted them as exciting categories to watch in the future.”

Amy Hopkins, The Spirits Business

Our new silver medal will now sit proudly alongside our International Wine & Spirit Competition Bronze (2017) and Silver (2016) medals and our 2017 Great Taste Award, however the judges whose opinions we really value are yours, the rum heads who enjoy the fruits of our labours.

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