Crafting Stories

Crafting Stories

We had been quietly considering rebranding our rum for several months in order to get across our company’s unique proposition – a wild blend of Cornwall and Colombia – but we couldn’t ever imagine that we would have chance to work with design consultancy Stranger & Stranger (The Kraken® Black Spiced Rum and Don Papa Rum).

We were absolutely delighted when they showed an interest in our rum and honoured when they agreed to undertake the project.

Stranger & Stranger are a packaging design and branding company specialising in alcoholic drinks. They are also brutally honest. Everything they do is designed to achieve standout at a distance, then to engage the consumer when they get closer, all based on telling a brand story that typically involves education about the liquid, how it is made, where it is made, who makes it, brand history, and what it stands for, etc.

In order to set us apart from category norms and create our own space on the shelf we needed to generate our own world through story telling…

They pushed us hard to be clear about exactly what it is that we stand for and then to single-mindedly get behind that proposition. S&S were challenging us to be bigger!


Fortunately, we had some help along the way developing a clear, coherent and ownable strategy. GreatDrams Consulting is one man’s mission to experience, share and inspire with everything great about whisky, gin, beer, fine dining… and now rum.

Greg Dillon is a brand strategy consultant who enjoys creating brands and content in a style that provides something entertaining, intriguing and interesting for everyone, while working with some of the best design agencies and creative teams in the industry.

We worked with Greg on our brand strategy (the storytelling, positioning and messaging), which fed into the creative brief, and which all comes through on the packaging.


Stranger & Stranger have crafted a symbol for us that is distinctly about distilling as opposed to the brewing activities of the past. The toucan symbolises the exotic and vibrant world of Colombia and is presented as an alembic pot still – the fire under the still forms the tail. The snake represents creativity and rebirth shedding it’s older brewing skin to graduate into the coiled condenser of a distiller – snakes have long been associated pharmacy and potion making.

We are proud to have a fully-fledged, grown-up rum brand with the duality in cultures of Colombia and Cornwall at its heart that can compete with other premium propositions on the back bar and in the off-trade.